Ottawa West Family Law


Divorce itself terminates the marriage and permits the parties to re-marry.

If parties have a Separation Agreement, divorce often proceeds through a paper process called “uncontested” basis meaning that the other party does not object to the divorce.

If a party's only claim is a divorce, it is called a "simple divorce."

Ottawa West Family Law offers a "simple uncontested divorce" at a flat rate of $1,400.00 + HST.

Parties may also proceed with a divorce individually or together online without lawyers. The Community Legal Education Ontario offers Steps to Justice [1], which is a guide to law in Ontario.

If a party wishes to obtain a divorce and was married in Ontario, it is highly recommended to have a copy of the Ontario marriage certificate. If a party does not have this, it is available through Service Ontario.

[1] The Community Legal Education Ontario does not endorse and is not affiliated with OWFL.