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Divorce and Separation Lawyer in Kanata

Divorce and Separation Lawyer in Kanata

Divorce or separation is a very difficult period for most people. In fact, some say it is even more difficult than death because there is more uncertainty during the divorce or separation process. Because of the uncertainties and long-term consequences of divorce or separation, legal advice is highly recommended from a Kanata divorce lawyer. Our office is located in Kanata but offers remote services which provides more flexibility for our clients.

Ottawa West Family Law is committed to providing our clients with great service, quality work, professionalism, and value for a family lawyer in Kanata. We represent our clients in all aspects of divorce or separation including but not limited to:

Parties are best served by resolving the issues arising from divorce or separation amicably without court. However, Kanata divorce lawyers are recommended because the issues have long-term consequences to parenting moving forward, child and spousal support, and property division. Once there is a Separation Agreement, it is difficult to change, which is why legal advice from a divorce lawyer near you in Kanata is recommended.

Kanata Family Lawyer providing Parenting and Support Issue Resolution

Parenting is usually the most contentious divorce or separation issue. Our Kanata separation and divorce law firm offers our clients guidance on the dos and don’ts for parenting issues such as BIFF. Separation or divorce is an opportunity for change and change for the better if parents learn how to parent co-operatively and constructively with their ex-spouse.

Child support is the right of the child and there are many issues around child support that Ottawa West Family Law in Kanata can assist you with. For example, there are issues with income, what is the appropriate child support amount and what are extraordinary or special expenses. Conflict around these issues negatively impact parents’ ability to co-parent, which is often the number one goal for parents after separation or divorce.

Divorce Lawyer in Kanata

If divorce is sought, the court usually requires two things to grant a divorce. That the parties have been separated for at least one year and that there is appropriate child support being paid. Ottawa West Family Law, your divorce and separation lawyer in Kanata, can assist with ensuring that the child support regime is appropriate for the court to grant a divorce.

Property Issues with a Kanata Separation Lawyer

Unlike child support, there is no right to spousal support and therefore it is imperative that you seek legal advice to ensure your rights are protected. Kanata divorce and separation lawyers assists with a wide range of spousal support issues such as whether there is entitlement to spousal support, parties’ income for support calculations, how much spousal support should be paid or received and how long spousal support should be paid or received.

One of the last major issues arising from separation or divorce is property division and for married couples in Ontario it is called equalization. Legal advice is highly recommended from a family lawyer in Kanata. Our law firm exclusively assists in Kanata divorce and separation law issues and is well versed in supporting our clients. It is imperative that parties do not trade or swap property until legal advice has been received because ownership rights have a significant impact on the analysis.

Ottawa West Family Law in Kanata offers an initial consultation for a flat rate of $250 + HST where your rights and obligations are discussed. As stated above, divorce or separation has long-term consequences and therefore legal advice should be received to avoid a costly misstep.

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