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Our Fees

It takes time and effort to untangle the parties’ lives to build a new beginning. For most cases, legal fees are calculated based on the hourly rate of the lawyer or the assistant. The more work/time required, the higher the legal fees.

Charged in six (6) minute increments.

  • Lawyer’s hourly rate is $275 + HST
  • Administrative staff’s hourly rate is $75 + HST

Initial meeting is conducted virtually at a flat rate of $250 + HST that is usually between 1.5 to 2 hours in duration.

When retaining the firm, you will be asked to pay a deposit called a retainer that is then held in a special trust account. The retainer acts like the client’s last month’s rent and if there are monies left in trust at the end of the matter, it is then returned to the client. It is not an estimate of legal fees.

  • Minimum retainer for out-of-court process or limited scope retainer is $1500
  • Minimum retainer for court process is $2500.

Clients are usually billed on a monthly basis and are expected to pay the fees incurred in a timely manner. If the fees are unpaid, work will cease on the file.

  • Parties agree to the principal issues
  • Parties are reasonable about the outcome
  • Client is prepared and organized to provide the necessary information
  • Client is focused on the legal issues
  • Parties disagree on minor and major issues
  • At least one party has unreasonable expectations
  • At least one party refuses to cooperate
  • At least one party is focused on non-legal issues such as vengeance or ill-will

We do not accept legal aid certificates.

Legal Fees